Thursday, September 06, 2007

Can you be a Christian and vote for the BNP?

Interesting question. According to the Rev Ken Horleston, vicar for St Clement's Church in Horsley Derbyshire, the answer is simple - you can't!

Speaking to the Derbyshire Evening Telegraph the Rev Horleston said: "The bible calls on people to 'love thy neighbour' but the BNP's views are in violation of this.

"A person cannot be a practising Christian and vote for the BNP."

The BNP held Red, White and Blue, near Denby, in July, and wants to hold it there again next year and in 2009.

The Vicar has called for opposition to British National Party plans to hold its annual festival in Derbyshire for the next two years. He told the paper that he felt guilty for not doing more to stop this year's event and had the backing of the area's other vicars in saying Christians should not support the BNP.

Good for you Vicar.


Commissar said...

Good news.

You may be interested to know that another clergyman is leading the fight against the BNP up here in Cumbria

Mike Ion said...

Great news - the more the better (and for some it is long overdue).

Dave Hill said...

Fine work, Mr Ion. As an atheist who has no fundmental argument with religion you've warmed the cockles of my heathen heart.

Mike Ion said...

Thanks Dave - you cannot beat a bit of cockle warming on a Friday!

Despite your atheistic tendencies I have now added you to my blogroll - apologies for not having done so sooner.

tonydj said...

It also says in the bible "thou shalt not kill"...any chance of the Reverand opposing Labour over their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Anyway, he's a member of a bogus church only set up by Henry V111 so he could marry his mistress. no right to tell me how to vote

Anonymous said...

in response to tonydj.....while i agree with your sentiments regarding War.

Cant agree over religion, and from the tenor of your last sentence someone ought to tell you how to do something.....but that wouldnt be very christian would it.

tonydj said...

May I ask what it is about the tenor of my last sentance which is objectionable?

Henry may have set up the C-o-E because of a Damascine conversion to the views of Martin Luther but I doubt it. He wished to be rid of his first wife Catherine of Aragon.

Oh yes, while on theology, I wonder what the good Reverand's views are on the biblical strictures on homosexuality.