Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cameron a lucky general?

The view from the bunker is that as a result of his team's 'handling' of the Northern Rock affair, Cameron has turned the corner and he and his party will soon be heading for calmer waters, where they will re-group before launching a ferocious attack on the wounded PM.


If you look at the main tabloid headlines for today you'll find “The police case falls apart” in the Express; “The Tide turns” in the Mirror and “Kate backed by judge” in the Sun. As of 13.00 today the markets have stabilised, shares in Northern Rock have rallied and confidence is being restored. Learned observers like Willum Bowter, a former Monetary Policy Committee member and professor of European political economy at the London School of Economics has told The World at One that that the suggestion that the problems at Northern Rock stem from the governments action or inaction is "ludicrous".

Cameron is no Napoleon, he is more like the grand old Duke of York!


Hughes Views said...

As I commented elsewhere - David seems to have reached the leaping on bandwagons stage of 'how to be a twenty-first century Tory leader'. Standby for some 'common sense policies' and 'only x days to save the pound/keep out all the beastly foreigners' declarations...

Mike Ion said...

The question is - do people trust Gordon to be prudent and suitably thrifty if there is an economic downturn or Dave and Boy George?