Thursday, September 27, 2007

Burma: For those about to walk we salute you

One of them states: "Soldiers Beating and capturing in the Ngwe Kyar Yan Monastry of S/ Oakalapa Tsp now. People hearing noises from the monastery until. Monks are crying and running around there."

Another says: "Now they entering into the monesteries at the mid nite time and arrest the monks by trucks."

What can ordinary people do? I have this morning phoned the Burmese (Myanmar) Embassy (020 7499 8841) and emailed to register my abhorrence.

What else can I do and other bloggers do? Suggestions welcome.


jams o donnell said...

I'm not sure what we can do ourselved when the UN security council, thanks to China and Russia, simply asks the Burmese junta to "exercise restraint".

The stance taken by the monks is truly heroic and deserves our full support. I'll follow suit and register my outrage. Thanks for teh link to Ko Hitike's blog.

Mike Ion said...


China's stance was to expected but the attitude of Russia stinks. Some good news from the French government - they are planning to 'disinvest' in Burma and will put pressure on the oil giant Total to do likewise.

Free Burma! said...

Free Burma!
International Bloggers' Day for Burma on the 4th of October

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