Friday, September 14, 2007

The Boris Johnson effect: Tories pushed into fourth place in Brent by-election

It is reported that Boris was seen out on the streets drumming up support for the Tory candidate in the Stonebridge (Brent) by-election. Boris certainly had an effect - Labour won (handsomely) and the Tory candidate came in fourth (behind Respect).

The results in full:

Zafar Van Kalwala, Labour: 1432
Sandra Elina Wiltshire, Lib Dem: 864
Sarah Cox, Respect: 237
Funmi Aladeshe, Conservative Party: 177
Brian Orr, Green Party: 51


Hughes Views said...

Having been squeezed into an unimpressive third place in a recent two horse council by-election (but at least I beat the Green!) I know we shouldn't treat these results too seriously. But this one and Chelmsford Borough earlier in the week suggest that Tory voters are not just staying away but switching to the Lib Dems and Labour. Worrying times for nice boy Dave....

Mike Ion said...

Nice to hear from you agian - you are right about not getting too carried away but CMD (call me Dave) really is having a bad time of it.


el Tom said...

%age of the vote is 51.8 for labour, 31.3 Lib, 8.58 for respect, and 0.064 for the tories.

The Lib Dems were arseholes at the count. I've just got back now. ;o)