Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BNP conference to be held in Blackpool

The BNP will, once again, be holding their annual conference in Blackpool (November 16th - 18th 2007 at The New Kimberley Hotel 585-589 New South Promenade, Blackpool FY4 1NQ - 01253 341184 - according to the excellent Lanacster UAF blog)

Some interesting bits of information about the conference:

1. The BNP do their own catering at the conference and a cheese roll costs about £3
2. The hotel has 100 rooms and the BNP has booked them all
3. It costs £22-50 for B&B and £27-50 for half-board.

Will Nick Griffin be staying at the New Kimberley I wonder? Will most of the BNP delegates be able to find Blackpool? Will there be a conference fringe with seminars on 'bigotry for the dim-witted' or 'being a BNP councillor: how to be truly useless.'

There is likely to be a demonstration by UAF and others on the Saturday (November 17th) - once I have details I'll post them.


Anonymous said...

If the BNP are so useless,ineffectual,small and nothing more than a bunch of thick knuckle-draggers why are you bothered what they do?

Mike Ion said...

I am more 'bothered' about what they satnd for and the message og hate and vitriol that they propogate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

propagate, stand, of.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why post the address and telephone number of the New Kimberley Hotel, Mike?
Is it your intention to incite intimidation towards the hotel's owners?

Anonymous said...

The hotel does not have '100 rooms', it has 52. It can accommodate approx. 100 people.

Richard Croft said...

You filthy unwashed Marxist scum.
Why don't you post your real names and address's you pathetic cowards?

The BNP is growing and there is absolutely zero you are going to do about it; gutless bastards.
One BNP activist is worth twenty of yours. I’ve personally fronted up a large group of you vermin years back in Lewisham with just my girlfriend and you still shat your pants and called the police.

I was never intending to travel to Blackpool, but now I think I will. Even when you do manage to drag yourselves out of your squats and doorways in time for a ‘demo’ all you ever achieve is handing us a shed load of free publicity. You are so out of touch with the British people and plain stupid you don’t even realise this.

sedgefield bnp said...

Vote BNP,just an update,what a fantastic time were having here in blackpool,meeting like minded sane people from all over the world,yes we are on the rise and we will be winning more seats in coming elections.