Saturday, September 01, 2007

BNP bully boys to picket school

Thanks to Denise at Voice of Reason for alerting me to this story.

On Monday the members of the Bigoted, Dim and Lazy party will be picketing a school in defence of a BNP member caught accessing far right websites when he should have been teaching. Mark Walker (pictured) is being backed by his 'trade union' Solidarity and they will be outside the school early tomorrow morning - no doubt to intimidate parents and students alike.

BNP thugs like Walker are no loss to the teaching profession - the sooner and the longer they are away from the classroom the better.


lee said...

The information that no-one seems to be publishing is, exactly why has Mr. Walker been suspended? For accessing the internet during working hours, or for accessing the BNP site during working hours?

There's a big difference here. If he's been suspended for the former, and the same rules are applied to every employee; fair enough - he doesn't have a case. However, if it's the latter, and he's not been suspended for looking at webpages, but for the content and nature of the webpages he's been viewing, this is grossly unfair - and I hope he wins any appeal.

I'd just like to remind you that the BNP is a legal political party in the UK.

P Doff said...

Do you really believe that the use of a school computer is reason enough to discipline this man? I think his suspension is a total waste of tax payer’s money and certainly fantastic advertising for the BNP.

You also state that that Walker is a thug, you can’t presume this just because of his politics.

One of your readers, namely JRD is a school teacher and if you check his blog posts and his comment section you will see that he also uses ‘school equipment, in school hours’ and may I add that he uses it to distribute his biased politics.

But no doubt he will delete any evidence just like he does when challenged for telling lies. I know that Barnsley Nationalist holds a few screen shots to prove this.

What else can we expect from the Liebour Party and Liebour supporters as a whole?

Anonymous said...

troll and knuckledragger alert......the bnp is a legal political party, give us a break. there is nothing legal about the bnp.

with regard to walker his job is to teach, thats what he gets paid to do, out of taxpayers money, not to sit there surfing the net.

JRD168 said...

Thanks for pointing in the direction of this Mike.

I've just had a quick check on my site and any posts referencing the BNP were written before or after school hours (as were all my comments).

That's not to say that I haven't used the internet in school time. There was a post about the Barnsley Nationalist that I deleted until I decided what the best way was to deal with BNP related stuff. I've no idea if that was in school time or not.

My school has a clear policy on the use of computers and the internet. I guess that the BNP bloke who has been suspended must have fallen foul of his school's system.

My use comes within my school's policy.

I'm hoping that the BNP candidate Mr Walker is treated properly. This has the potential to be dangerous propaganda for the BNP if not.

Dolores said...

Apart from the question of whether Walker's use of the internet contravened the school's policy on use of computers, accessing the BNP website must surely have contravened the school's anti-racism policy.

JRD168 said...

Just re-read my post, and wanted to clarify a couple of things.

When I say that my use stays within the school's policy - this specifically states that you should not access sexually explicit, offensive, or racist sites. I guess if the BNP's Mr Walker has been on his party's site he falls foul of at least a couple of these. I also guess that his school has a similar policy.

I'll take a bet that most people use the internet at work at one time or another, but they don't access sites calling for the compulsory repartiation of non-whites among other things.

Hopefully that's what Mr Walker is suspended for, as I say, dangerous propaganda if not.

I know I shouldn't feed the troll but "P Doff" - very funny, has annoyed me a bit!