Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blue is the colour - why the Tories are just like Chelsea

I stopped off at a motorway service station earlier to have a coffee. On the table was a copy of the Daily Telegraph (I need to provide some background/justification as to why I was reading it) and the following letter caught my eye:

'Sir - Your editorial (September 25) claims the Tory party has "all to play for". Surely "the game is up" would be a more apt description of the mire in which the Tories find themselves?At their best, the Tories were a party for the Home Counties. Now they can't even properly claim that constituency. The fate of the Conservatives mirrors that of Chelsea Football Club. Owned by the rich, untrusting of its manager and doomed to fall to an organisation led by a great Scotsman.

Ron Delnevo, London SW16'

Nice one Ron!

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Brett said...

I saw one of your comments on Dizzy's website. I was a Tory supporter but I won't be voting for spineless Dave at the next election - if he's still there. He must be from the Lib Dems - nobody can be so utterly incompetent!

Even less reason when even the Scum (e.g. - Dizzy) are turning to them. Which is sadder? Being an Everton fan or writing about the Tories 24/7?