Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tories have no hunger for victory

Is the real problem for the Tories the fact that too many at the top come from privileged, wealthy backgrounds. For many of the the Eton educated Tory 'toffs' politics is a bit of hobby, something to do in conjunction with few non-executive directorships. The Tory commentator, Tim Montgomerie hits the nail on the head in today's Guardian when he writes:

"Too many of David Cameron's frontbenchers are part-timers. It was recently revealed that they hold 115 outside interests between them. They appear to lack the hunger to win that characterised Labour in the 1990s. Senior journalists complain that they hardly receive any calls from Conservative HQ but are constantly briefed by Team Brown."

Contrast these people with the likes of the 'barrow boy' Tories like Heath, Thatcher and even David Davis. Can someone like Cameron ever really have a 'bare knuckled fight' with anyone? Does he have the bottle - or even the desire?

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Denise G said...

There's something about that photograph, isn't there?

I mean, they're not doing anything wrong and they're only wearing their society's uniform, but it gives you the creeps.

I wonder if it's because it reflects the casual arrogance we saw in the film "If..."?