Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tories and the dodgy 'hospital' dossier

The Tory leader is - yet again - on the defensive, this time over the accuracy of his party's list of proposed hospital closures and downgradings .

As per usual the problems for Mr Cameron have come mainly from within. Henry Bellingham, the shadow justice minister and MP for Norfolk North West, told the BBC that the Queen Elizabeth hospital in King’s Lynn should not have been “singled out” for inclusion on the Conservatives’ list. “Obviously a mistake has been made and as the local MP I wasn’t consulted on this and I apologise unreservedly to the staff of the hospital,” he said.

Later Mr Cameron was forced to admit a mistake in the list, saying the Tories had named Altrincham general hospital in Trafford rather than the Trafford general hospital. But what about other hospitals on the Tories' dodgy list?

A spokesman for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn said it had been mistakenly included on the Tories' list.

A spokeswoman for Horton General Hospital said the Conservatives had been wrong to say the A&E department was under threat, and it was seeking a correction from them.

A statement from the George Elliot Hospital in Nuneaton said a review had concluded that there should be no changes to either A&E or maternity.

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, said: "We totally refute any suggestion that Huddersfield Royal Infirmary has been downgraded or is under threat of closure."

A spokesman for Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust said neither the A&E department nor the maternity unit at City Hospital in Birmingham, one of those listed by Mr Cameron, was under threat of closure.

A spokeswoman for North Bristol NHS Trust, said the Tory claim that Frenchay Hospital's A&E service faces the axe was "simply not the case". The department would be integrated into a new acute hospital, she said.

The chief executive of South Warwickshire General Hospitals NHS Trust, said the A&E and maternity departments at Warwick Hospital were not under threat, adding that such stories were destabilising for staff and patients.

Welcome back to work Mr Cameron!

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welcome back...excellent post...but it gets even worse for cameron...

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