Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Should we have an extra bank holiday (British national day) in November?

The influential think tank ippr is suggesting that Gordon Brown establish a British national day as an extra bank holiday on the Monday immediately after Remembrance Sunday in November.

The report argues that the new bank holiday could act as a national ‘thank you’ for community heroes and as a national ‘ask’ for people to give back to their communities. The ippr report also suggests that the honours system should be simplified to just three different grades instead of the current 21 honours and that titles should no longer refer to the British Empire. It argues that the awarding of civic honours should no longer be mixed up with political appointments and that the link between elitism and the honours system should be broken by ending the tradition of awarding automatic honours to senior civil servants.

What do you think? Would a new 'British national' bank holiday be a good idea?

Should Britain have a new 'British national' bank holiday?
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