Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Planes, Tories and airports

Will the Tories really adopt a policy that will call for a moratorium on airport expansion and force travellers to switch to trains? According to today's Times the Tories are also considering imposing VAT on fuel for domestic flights as well as forcing some airlines to give over airport slots to long-haul trips.

Green politics or electoral suicide?

Iain Dale is off the fence and offers a very clear view on the latest proposals. He rants, sorry, writes:

'Let me make one thing very clear. If by some remote misfortune the Conservative leadership decides to adopt Gummer's mad proposals on airport expansion I will continue to argue until I am blue in the face that they are wrong, wrong wrong. And if by some remote chance I happen to be a Conservative candidate at the next election, you won't find me changing my mind. Airports are vital to our national economy and so is their managed expansion. And I cannot understand anyone who calls themselves a Conservative could believe otherwise.'

The Tories are hopeful that the Cameron ship has finally stabilised after a few stormy weeks, but are the storm clouds gathering once again?

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