Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ideas for Labour's next manifesto

Downing Street sources have told the BBC that Ed Miliband has started work on Labour's manifesto for the next general election. He will prepare a briefing document prior to Labour's conference in September.

What should be in it?

What about...

An end to selection by ability and aptitude
Electoral reform (that maintains the link between an MP and a constituency)

What else?


Chris Gale said...

I would like to see a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and use of snares, tougher penalties for wildlife crime, an end to the rearing of birds for sport shooting, a ban on the sale and use of air guns, much tighter restrictions on the ownership and sale of guns, offences against the Hunting Act to be made notifiable offences.
Tougher protection for marine mammals.

el Tom said...

A universal inheritance.

Replacement by part of council tax with a land value tax.

An immigration amnesty accompanied by the introduction of a dedicated border police force.

Lorin said...

Public ownership of the Railways and buses.
An end to the privatisation of the NHS.
Increased pollution taxes on people with 4x4s and other "heavy polluting" cars.

JRD168 said...

A moratorium on the Academy Schools programme (sorry Mike!).

Commitment to investment in public transport and re-nationalising the railways and buses.

A return to the fuel tax escalator (is that what it was called?)

Sure there's probably more, I'll have to think!

Martin said...

A serious effort to reduce inequality in our society