Tuesday, July 03, 2007

BNP leadership race - they don't even like each other

The excellent anti-BNP blog Lancaster UAF has just published an exchange of emails between present BNP leader Nick Griffin and his 'challenger' Christian Jackson.

The email exchange clearly shows that Mr Griffin is a bit miffed at being challenged by Jackson (whom he obviously thinks is a bit of dimbo compared to someone of his own huge intellect). I am not sure if Griffin is being ironic when he writes:

'Our members have eyes to read and brains to think for themselves, so propaganda of all kinds is to be avoided.'

So, BNP members have brains to think for themselves - now that is funny.


Tim Swift said...

Hi Mike

Useful update, and links to the UAF site, but Easter is not the challenger - he is the campaign manager for Christian Jackson who is the challenger.

Cllr Tim Swift

Mike Ion said...


Thanks - I have amended the post.