Monday, June 04, 2007

Well said Anna Lo

The BNP has published a new leaflet in Northern Ireland entitled 'What now for Northern Ireland?' - claiming that the province is on its way to a "multi-cultural hellhole" and that its towns have become "dumping grounds" for migrants.

The offensive leaflet goes onto state: "Don't let Northern Ireland become like the multi-cultural hellhole we see in Britain. You have the power to stop it. Join the British National Party."

Alliance MLA Anna Lo (who came to prominence as spokesperson for the Chinese Welfare Association,)described the language used in the leaflet as provocative and intolerant of ethnic minorities.

"There is an element of inciting hatred. There is no attraction in Northern Ireland for this type of politics and I would discourage this party from coming over here.
"We have always had good race relations in Northern Ireland, there may be the odd incident, but that does not represent the majority of people here."

Well said Anna, well said


The Green Arrow said...

I wonder how China would treat illegal immigrants.

Let us hope that at least Northern Ireland be spared the hell that has become Great Britain.

Thank God for the BNP. At least they give hope and reveal the corruption of the Labour Party.

Mike Ion said...

Thank God for the BNP! Why exactly? Most BNP coincillors are useless, dim and lazy and offer hate not hope

Why do you refer to China? Anna is a British citizen - why should China be relevant to the debate?

The Green Arrow said...

I don't about their coincillors but their councillors seem to be just fine. How many did Labour lose?

Your right - Anna is a British "Citizen".

So you also hope that Northern Ireland be spared the horrendous multiculturalism that has ruined the rest of Great Britain. Well done.

Your defence of the laughing logo reveals how out of touch you are with the people of the U.K.

Anonymous said...

anna lo has become blogpopular