Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tories are backward-looking, elitist philistines

A future Tory government would abolish free entry to Britain's' top museums and galleries and allow institutions to levy a charge for admission. Shadow Culture Secretary Hugo Swire says the Tory party will reverse automatic free admissions introduced by Labour and allow the attractions to restore entry charges

The policy on free admission to the nation's top museums and galleries was introduced by Labour in 1997 and has resulted in places like the Victoria and Albert Museum seeing an increase in visitor numbers of over 130%!

A recent poll showed the measure, which costs the Government £40 million a year in subsidy, is the most popular policy introduced by Labour since its election in 1997.

Is this an example of Mr Cameron's 'bottom up' approach to policy making?

Are you opposed to any plans to charge entry to Britain's top museums and galleries?
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