Monday, May 14, 2007

Why Hilary Benn should be deputy leader

Now that the race for the deputy leadership is underway I think it only right that members who have already decided who they will be backing should explain their reasons for their choices.

Over the past weeks and months I have met with almost all of the candidates in one setting or another. It is a testament to the strength of the parliamentary party that the field is so strong - possibly the strongest ever. However I am firmly of the view that Hilary Benn is the candidate who is best placed to help shape the future direction of our party. Hilary is a conviction politician. He has proved himself as an effective and hard working MP and as an outstanding Government Minister. I am backing Hilary because I want my party to be led by people who will listen to ordinary party members, people who are driven not by personal ambition but by an ambitious agenda for our nation. Hilary is a person who challenges us - individually and collectively - not to have more but to be more, he is someone that inspires trust and confidence across the political spectrum.

Vote Hilary Benn for deputy leader

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