Monday, December 04, 2006

Bloggers of the political world unite - at least over the festive period!

One thing that most (possibly not all) of us political bloggers have in common is that we blog from the comforts of our own homes (or workplaces). This Christmas most of us will probably celebrate together with friends and families, warm, well-fed and content. In contrast the charity Crisis estimates that there are around 380,000 hidden homeless people in Britain, living in hostels, temporary bed and breakfast accommodation, squats or sleeping on the floors of friends and family.

Therefore can I invite you to join me in wishing all other bloggers the compliments of the season and, rather that sending each other real or electronic greeting cards, in making an on-line donation to Crisis. For example:

Christmas dinner for 6

£3 could pay for 6 guests to have Christmas dinner at the Crisis Open Christmas centres.

Hat & gloves to keep 5 homeless people warm

£5 could buy a hat or a pair of gloves to help keep 5 homeless people warm in the winter.

Crisis Open Christmas medical kit

£10 could pay for one medical kit for use at the Open Christmas medical centre.

To make a donation simply click here.

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