Friday, November 24, 2006

Vote for your Person of the Year

The New Statesman is running a poll for the Person of the Year and I thought I would follow suit. Apologies if you don't like any of them but if you do please vote for your favourite.

The poll will close at 17.00 on Friday December 8th 2006.

Person of the Year 2006
Zuhair Fathallah (Iraqi doctor)
Norman Kember (Pacifist)
Camilla Batmanghelidjh (Children's advocate)
Angela Donald (mother of murdered teenager)
Bill Gates (Philanthropist)
Jamie Oliver (Celebrity chef)
Anna Politkovskaya (Murdered Russian journalist)
Muhammad Yunus (International banker)
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1 comment:

Jay said...

With due respect Mike I too feel that simply because someone is famously known for their good works then they are eligible for person of the year is not the right way to do things. Nice sentiment but doesn't really get me going!