Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vote for your favourite Labour blogger

Who is your favourite Labour blogger?
Hughes' views
Take Back the voice
Clive Soley
Tom Watson MP
Antonia Bance
Kerron Cross
Cllr Bob Piper
Leighton Andrews AM
Jo Salmon
Labour scouser
Harry's place
Huggy's mind
A councillor writes
Dirty leftie
Mars Hill
DM Andy
The wonderful world of Lola
Chris Gale
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wonkotsane said...

It's got to be Bob. He is doing so much to damage the reputation of Labour and he provides so much entertainmemt.

Mike Ion said...

I am sure Bob will take this as a compliment Wonko - even from you!

wonkotsane said...

Bob would take a punch in the face as a compliment. :oD

Elephunt said...

I wavered between a sympathy vote for myself or a real vote for Bob.In the end I plumped for Bob, he manages to be informative while attracting fans such as Willy Wonka.A difficult but thoroughly entertaining balancing act.

Bob Piper said...

Frankly, Mike, I don't give a toss what the nasty little xenophobe thinks. They've been so long out of power you would have thought they had learnt to live with their pain. Some obviously haven't.

Mike Ion said...

Bob - Wonka is something of an obsessive, borderline delusional. If England do not win the world cup expect a posting blaming it on England not having its own parliament!

Kerron said...

Erm. I had 2 votes before I voted...and 2 votes AFTER I voted!*

Is the poll legit?


(*And yes, I did vote for me!)

Kerron said...

Yeah, I think the problem is that if you are within Parliament that counts as one vote for everyone with computers/web access in Parliament.

I've been contacted by 5 people who say they can't vote for me because it says they've already voted.

Therefore if your readership base is outside Parliament you have a better chance of winning. :-/

Sort it out Mike! :-)

BTW - I liked Iain Dale's poll the other week on best Labour bloggers:

Hughes Views said...

Wot? No Skipper? Should I spoil my ballot (or should I just add to the votes piling in for my little site?)?

Shouldn't the ballot be by STV or some other convoluted PR system? (joke)

Mike Ion said...

Kerron - I would sort it out if I knew how!

Hughes' views - I put Skipper in my top ten Labour/left of centre blogs but did not include him in Labour blogs only for fear of causing offence.

wonkotsane said...

I love it when people who don't know me tell me who I am. Who's "they" in reference to me? If you know me as well as you seem to think you do then you'll know that I am not a member of any political party, support no party (not even the English Democrats) and never will do. I detest party politics because it turns democracy into a petty game where career politicians spend half their time trying to think of new ways to blame the opposition every time they make a mistake (even if it's a decade after the opposition lost power).

If you want an example of how out of touch Labour is with reality in England, go out on the streets now and ask anyone you meet what they think of the following comments:

"Scotland is a proud and historic nation" - Tony Bliar
"There is no such thing as an English nation" - John Prescott

Then show them any map of the UK produced by the EU (which Labour supports) and ask them what they think about England appearing as 9 regions instead of as a country like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

When they've finished explaining to you in colourful language where Labour can shove the EU you could then ask them what they thought about the unelected Scottish Lord Chancellor of England telling English people that they will never have an English Parliament even though a BBC poll showed 74% of people wanted one.

This is how far out of touch with English people Labour are. They won't accept that English is as much a "proud and historic" nation as Scotland or Wales and, even when the facts are placed in front of them (the BBC poll), they still insist that nobody in England wants their own parliament. That is an outright, blatant lie - the evidence is there on the BBc website and the ITV Teletext website whose poll showed 95% in favour. Career politicians who deny England the same rights and privileges as the rest of the UK whilst forcing them to subsidise the perks that the rest of UK gets (£28bn subsidy paid from UK taxes to the rest of the UK last year) are going to get a very nasty shock soon. People calling for an English Parliament have been ignored, ridiculed and denounced. The next step, as I'm sure you are aware, is that everyone adopts the position that they supported the idea all along. That time will come soon enough and the Labour Party will need decades to repair the damage in England.

Finally, Bob, I am not scared of foreigners. You do know what a phobia is don't you? I also don't dislike foreigners. I have probably as many foreign friends (living both here and abroad) and speak 3 foreign languages to differing abilities as well as being able to sign. I am not a retarded knuckle dragger no matter how much you might try and portray me as one.

Kerron said...

I hate Lib Dem isms, but we need a fairer voting system. :-/

I hope the fact that my legion of fans* within Parliament can't vote is remembered in the final analysis. I'm up to double figures for complainants now. :-/

(*For legion of fans please note that this number may go up as well as down. ;-))